It’s all about
Financial Freedom through Social groups and communities.

Borrowed from the Ancient rotational group savings and welfare schemes, called “Ntoboa” or “Susu” in the Akan Language spoken in Ghana, West Africa. This has been practiced in most parts of the world especially Africa, some parts of South America, Caribbean, Asia and in recent times in the western world popularly known as Rotational Savings and Credit Association (ROSCA).

Combining modern technology with peer-to-peer banking, lending, microcredit, micro investment, reward points, credit score building and mobile money transfer, Ntoboa seeks to revolutionize the savings, loans and credit ecosystem through the power of communities, friends and families.

Trying to save on your own takes a lot of effort, discipline and is always a long-term goal. With Ntoboa you get the funds sooner than you would on your own; thanks to the power of mutual social groups and communities.

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Easy to use

The Ntoboa App is easy and simple to use, set up or join a group, contribute and have fun.

Intuitive App Design

Self-explanatory user interface, no clutter, clean User Interface (UI) packed with user friendly features.


Bank level security, with highest levels of encryption, PCI and Industry compliant infrastructure.

How it works?

Using Ntoboa App is simple. Create or Join a group of trusted friends, co-workers or family, determine how much and how often you would make contributions, opt in for insurance, micro-savings or micro-investment options, get paid and have fun!


Download Ntoboa App from the Google Play Store, Apple Store and Microsoft Market place and create an Account

Link Account

Setup Funding and Payout Account Details; we support most banks and wallets. We take security very seriously and as such, don’t expose or store any personal banking information.

Create or Join a Group

Create a group and invite friends, family or co-workers, or join a group. Determine the payout periods and amount to contribute into a pool.

Have fun

Get paid and use your Ntoboa fo that new phone, vacation, settle that bill, support that course or better still have that party. The possibilities are endless.

How Ntoboa Works

Special Features

The Ntoboa App is packed with lots of features; we are always innovating and adding more to enhance your experience and make the platform enjoyable


Our Team

We are a group of passionate, motivated and problem solving young men and women with the determination and desire to be agents of social change, using the best of technologies to solve, innovate and impact lives.






Co-Founder/Business Development




Operations (Africa)




We charge a small fee between 1.0% and 5.0% depending on the type of group you create or join.


  • % 2.0/period
  • No group insurance
  • Group takes defaulter liability
  • Payment Protection
  • No minimum contribution
  • No maximum contribution

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  • % 5.0/period
  • Group Insurance
  • Ntoboa takes defaulter liability
  • Payment Protection
  • No minimum contribution
  • No maximum contribution

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Frequently asked questions

Unlike other market place pools, this is a closed group of trusted friends and family there by reducing the risk level and also increase trusted community financing.
We take security seriously, our systems use PCI compliant infrastructure, 256-BIT AES Encryption, SSL and Tokenization to ensure that all your data is secured. Rest assured our security team is constantly reviewing and updating to stay on top security issues.
Yes, this is centuries old process that we have implemented with modern technology. Unlike fraudulent schemes, we ensure payments. Ntoboa LLC is legally registered and incorporated in the state of Oregon.
yes, we charge a small fee ranging from 2% to 5% of the groups contributions based on the type of group.
There are two (2) groups, insured or uninsured. Refer to fees section on the page for more details.
Insured groups are coverd by Ntoboa Gurantee, if a member defaults, Ntoboa will step in and ensure the cycle continues. This is not the case for uninsured groups, in such a situation, the group takes on that liability.
As of now we allow a minimum of 5 and maximum of 12.
We Automatically credit or debit your linked accounts and always send reminders as payout dates are approaching. Currently we support major mobile wallets, social payment apps as well as bank accounts.
By Default, the Ntoboa App randomly assigns group positions. However, members can override this by choosing their positions based on mutual agreement.
A cycle ends when everyone in the group has received their payout, but a group can run one cycle at every given time. A period is defined as the frequency at which contributions and payouts are made, for example if you and 11 other friends create an Ntoboa Group, and you agree to contribute $100 dollars each month, then your group will have 12 periods in the cycle; thus, a period is equal to each month someone is paid and the cycle is the total number of periods it takes for everyone to be paid.
Upon agreement by the group members, yes you can be excused.
Yes, you can swap with someone at any position at a negotiated interest rate.
You can join as many groups as you wish provided you are in good standing in the other groups.
Each group will determine how much they want to contribute, as of now the maximum allowable amount each member can contribute is $500 due to regulations.
Late payments would affect your Ntoboa score and rating and also attract a late fee. Late payments would also affect the total payout for that period
We use it to validate your identity and also required for reporting your credit history.
yes, all payouts are FDIC insured through our holding bank.

If you have a question that has not been addressed here send us an email at

Coming Soon

We are adding few touches to the Ntoboa App.